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Overseas customers: if you get a shipping price error read this.

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I've had a few customers tell me that they are getting a postage cost of about $90 which is incorrect.   If you place an order and get a high shipping cost please send me the order number so I can check to see what is going on.   Thanks.

Some original UK lps that I'm selling out of my collection.

These are some lps that I'm selling out of my collection which I can live with just owning the cds and not both.  If you want anything email me via the contact form.   I will have more but did not have a chance to go though them yet.  On these no credit card.  Paypal, [...]

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Reissue vinyl now posted on my site. Please read

I have started posting vinyl lp reissues and will be posting more. Look on the top left in the albums section under reissues.   To distinguish lps from cds, I'm posting them at even prices like $25.00.   CDs will always be posted with a .99, .98 etc.   So far I have posted Italian lps.  Many of these are impossible [...]

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US customers get free shipping with orders over $75. Please note credit cards accepted are only Mastercard, Visa or Discover. I do not accept American Express.

International customers please note postage rates increased significantly for lighter weight packages containing 1 cd.  Larger orders are not affected as much.  For example I can send 8 cds for about $25 now. Sorry but there is nothing I can do about the rates.   Click the link to see new rates.  http://www.douglarsonimports.com/shipping/   US rates are mostly remaining [...]

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