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Reissue vinyl now posted on my site. Please read

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I have started posting vinyl lp reissues and will be posting more. Look on the top left in the albums section under reissues.   To distinguish lps from cds, I'm posting them at even prices like $25.00.   CDs will always be posted with a .99, .98 etc.   So far I have posted Italian lps.  Many of these are impossible to find on original and would cost many thousand dollars if you did. Also some are currently not on cd.  I will be posting more that I have in stock over the next few weeks as I have time from other countries like Germany, UK Holland, etc.  The lps will show up in the LP reissue section, the country section and the letter section.    If there are any lps you are looking for let me know as I have access to get most labels at reasonable prices. I have small quantities of each but will keep restocking.   Thanks.