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Some original UK lps that I'm selling out of my collection.

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These are some lps that I'm selling out of my collection which I can live with just owning the cds and not both.  If you want anything email me via the contact form.   I will have more but did not have a chance to go though them yet.  On these no credit card.  Paypal, check or money order.

Group Title Label Pressing Year price comments Cover Record
Absalom, Mike Hector and Other Peccadillos Philips UK 1972 75 white cover very clean Ex NM
After Tea same Ace of Clubs UK 1968 150 laminated cover couple of light creases Ex NM
Albion Country Band Battle of the Field Island UK 1976 40 a bit of spine wear otherwise NM NM
Allen, Daevid Good Morning Virgin UK 1976 70 initials on label w/black inner sleeve Ex+ NM
Allen, Daevid Banamoon Caroline UK 1975 80 black & white label Ex+ NM
Allen, Daevid N'existepas! Charly UK 1979 35 - Ex+ Ex+
Amazing Blondel Mulgrave Street DJM UK 1974 30 - Ex+ NM
Amazing Blondel Inspiration DJM UK 1975 30 - NM NM
Anderson, Ian A. A Vulture is not a Bird You Can Village Thing UK 1971 100 2 inch split on top otherwise Ex Ex
Argent, Rod Moving Home MCA UK 1978 25 laminated cover w/lyric insert NM NM
Ardley, Niel Kaleidoscope of Rainbows Gull UK 1976 80 - NM M
Ardley, Niel Harmony of the Spheres Decca UK 1979 60 - NM NM
Barnes, Richard same Philips UK 1970 125 - NM Ex to Ex+
Bedford, David Nurses Song With Elephants Import US 1972 10 - Ex+ NM
Bedford, David Star's End Virgin UK 1974 50 color twins label NM NM
Bedford, David Rime of the Ancient Mariner Virgin UK 1975 40 grey/tan twins label NM NM
Bedford, David The Odyssey Virgin UK 1976 40 with insert green label Ex+ NM
Bevis Frond Miasma Woronzow UK 1987 80 - NM Mint
Blind Faith same Polydor UK 1969 25 original cover Exc+ Exc+
Bohn, Buddy A Drop in the Ocean Purple UK 1971 100 - NM NM
Bonzo Dog Band The Doughtnut in Granny's Greenhouse Liberty UK 1970 100 - Ex Ex+
Boyd, Eddie 7936 So. Rhodes Blue Horizon UK 1968 125 - Ex Ex
Brunning Sunflower Blues I Wish You Would Saga UK 1968 100 - Ex Ex
Canaan same Dovetail UK 1973 150 - Exc NM
Carlsen, Dave same Spark UK 1973 60 some light wear and X written on cover Vg+ Exc+
Carthy & Swarbrick Prince Heathen Fontana UK 1969 90 - NM NM
Carthy, Martin The Bonny Black Hare and Other Songs Philips UK 1972 70 black label Exc NM
Castanarc Journey to the Last Pancil UK 1984 60 - NM NM
Celtic Folkweave same Polydor UK 1972 150 - Exc+ NM
Charles, Chilli Busy Corner Virgin UK 1975 40 color twins label Exc Exc+
Chocolate Soup for Diabetics Vol. 1 private UK 1980 50 - NM NM
Clayre, Alasdair same Elektra UK 1967 150 mono red label Exc+ NM
Covington, Julie The Beautiful Changes Columbia UK 1971 400 flip back cover sample sticker on label Exc+ NM
Covington, Julie same Virgin UK 1974 100 - Exc+ NM
Craft same Shanghia UK 1978 60 with autographed photo NM NM
Dean, Elton same CBS UK 1971 75 orange label Ex+ NM
Decameron Say Hello to the Band Vertigo UK 1973 40 spaceship label NM NM
Digalongamacs A Raincoat EMI UK 1975 20 pretty large cut corner rest is Ex NM
Downes Open Music, Bob Episodes at 4AM Openian UK 1974 125 - NM Ex+
Downes, Bob Deep Down Heavy MFP UK 1970 150 - Ex Ex+
Downes, Bob Diversions Openian UK 1974 125 - NM NM
Downliners Sect The Rock Sects In Columbia UK 1966 125 blue/black label mono Ex Vg+
Spencer Davis Group The Second Album Fontana UK 1966 25 - Ex Vg
Easybeats Friends Polydor UK 1970 150 small name on 1 label Exc+ NM
Egg Civil Surface Caroline UK 1974 90 back cover is exc front cover is: Exc+ NM
Enid In the Region of Summer Stars Buk UK 1977 25 - NM NM
Enid Aerie Faerie Nonsense Honeybee UK 1978 25 - NM NM
Evans, Dave The Words In Between….. Village Thing UK 1971 125 brown label Exc NM
Fairport Convention The Bonny Bunch of Roses Vertigo UK 1979 60 spaceship label Exc+ Nm
Fairport Convention Tipplers Tale Vertigo UK 1979 60 spaceship label Nm Nm
Fairport Convention Live at the LA Troubadour Island UK 1976 75 - Nm Nm
Fairport Convention Rosie Island UK 1973 75 pink rim exc+ Exc+
Fairport Convention Glady's Leap Woodworm UK 1979 35 - Nm Nm
Fairport Convention Fairwell Fairwell Simons UK 1979 40 - Nm Nm
Fairport Convention Moat on the Lodge Woodworm UK 1982 35 - Exc+ Nm
Fairport Convention Full House Live in LA 1970 Hannibal UK 1986 25 - mint mint
Fire Underground and Overhead Tenth Planet UK 1968 50 - Nm Nm
Five Hand Reel same Rubber UK 1976 80 - Exc Nm
Five Hand Reel A Bunch of Fives Topic UK 1975 75 - Exc+ Nm
Five Steps Beyond Faint Heart and Fair Maids Tenth Planet UK 1995 50 - mint mint
Five's Company The Ballad of Fed the Pixie Saga UK 1969 75 - Exc Exc
Fox Tales of Illusion GTO UK 1975 35 with inner Exc+ Exc+
Frith, Fred Guitars Solos Caroline UK 1974 80 - Exc Nm
Frogmorton At Last Philips UK 1976 100 - Exc+ Nm
Garrick Band, Michael Home Stretch Blues Argo UK 1972 600 - Exc Nm
Gas Works same Regal Zonophone UK 1973 125 - NM Nm
Gaughn, Dick Gaughn Topic UK 1978 50 - Exc+ Nm
Gerry & the Pacemakers Ferry Cross the Mersey Columbia UK 1965 100 blue/black label mono Exc Exc
Gibbs, Michael same Deram UK 1970 175 - NM Nm
Gilgamesh Another Fine Tune You've Gotten Me Into Charly UK 1979 50 - Exc+ Nm
Giltrap, Gordon A Testament of Time MCA UK 1971 125 pink/red label NM Nm
Giltrap, Gordon Giltrap Philips UK 1973 100 - NM Nm
Giltrap, Gordon Visionary Electric UK 1978 20 - NM Nm
Giltrap, Gordon Perilous Journey Electric French 1980 10 - NM Nm
Gonzalez, Belle Belle Columbia UK 1972 125 cover has small sticker tear on light part so hard to see. Cover is flipback Exc Nm
Grannie same SRT UK 1972 50 reissue M M
Greenslade, Dave Cactus Choir Warner Brothers UK 1976 25 with insert NM Nm
Grimms Rockin' Duck Island UK 1793 80 pink rim gimmix cover Exc+ Nm
Grimms same Island UK 1973 60 Black I label with insert NM NM
Grimms Sleepers DJM UK 1976 40 - NM Nm
Grosvenor, Luther Under Open Skies Island UK 1971 60 pink rim small name on cover Exc+ Exc+